Honfleur Women in Arts Grant Program

Honfleur Gallery is delighted to announce an invitation to apply for the new Honfleur Women in Arts Grant Program. Established in loving memory of Sharon Hughes Gautier, a founder of Honfleur Gallery, The Women in Arts Grant Program focuses not only on the contributions that women have made to the artistic community in the District of Columbia, but also the hardships and discrimination that so many women artists have faced in presenting their work.

In 2022, this grant will be awarded to an individual or collaborative who propose the most compelling project surrounding the discrimination and misogyny women artists face, or have faced, specific to the music industry. 

To apply you must be a college student or instructor/educator who is either enrolled in, teach at, or lecture on or is a graduate[s] of a women’s study program. Applicants must be DC-based. Project examples could include blog series, plays, films, lecture series or research papers. Projects must be completed within one year period.

There is no established format for a proposal; however, the submittal must be in a word document that includes a detailed description and a time schedule for the project, as well the credentials of the individual/collaborative applying. In excel format, a detailed budget must also be provided. Elaborate submittals with many attachments are not necessary. Finalists will be contacted if further information is needed to evaluate a proposal.

The deadline for submittal of a proposal is March 15, 2022.

A zoom meeting on the grant program will be held on December 15, 2021, at 11am. Persons interested in taking part can contact Honfleur by emailing a request at email hidden; JavaScript is required. While attendance at the zoom meeting is not required, input will be requested from potential applicants. 

This award is made possible by Sharon Hughes Gautier’s family.

For more Information about The Women in Arts Grant Program or for submitting a proposal, email Duane Gautier at email hidden; JavaScript is required.