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Fourteenth Annual East Of The River Show, Opens June 12

Celebrate the greatness of Ward 7 and 8 based artists with us all summer! ARCH Development (Anacostia Arts Center, The HIVE 2.0, Honfleur Gallery) and the Black Artists of DC have partnered to curate the Fourteenth Annual East of the River Show.

Dedicated to showcasing creative brilliance East of the River, this year’s exhibit will feature over 15 unique creatives with dynamic stories to tell on canvas. Luis Peralta, Dwayne Martin, Chinedu Felix Osuchukwu, and Edward Nassau are among the featured artists. This year, you’ll be able to place bids on pieces in the show in person and online. Everything kicks off at 6 PM on June 12 at the Anacostia Arts Center. 1231 Good Hope Rd, SE 20020.


Sharon Hughes Gautier

It is with a heavy heart that the ARCH Family announces the death of one of its founders. Sharon Hughes Gautier who died on  January 7th after a short, but devastating illness. Sharon was not only one of the original staff but also the one who inspired the development of ARCH Training Center and ARCH Family Services which over 25 years provided more than 11,000 DC individuals and families with job training, education, and social services. 

Sharon was also the originator and funder of the Honfleur Gallery “East of the River Distinguished Artist Award” which annually recognizes a living East of the Anacostia River artist for creative excellence as well as for having a significant impact on the cultural landscape of Washington, DC.


ARCH Development Corporation [ARCH] is a small community development corporation whose entire focus is using arts, cultural and the small creative businesses to assist in the economic regeneration of the Anacostia community of Washington, DC.

The Mission of ARCH is: To create, in partnership with the residents and stakeholders of the neighborhood, a home for arts, culture, and small businesses fulfilling our commitment to the revitalization of Historic Anacostia”

Its Vision is: “Anacostia should be a vibrant residential and commercial neighborhood that retains its historic charm and is filled with small businesses and cultural organizations, which serve Anacostia residents and is a destination for visitors.”

ARCH will operate programs to meet its objectives of presenting high quality arts, helping arts and culture groups find a home in Anacostia, presenting programs that promote art by and for underrepresented populations, providing support to artists who live or work east of the river and bringing visitors to artistic events and disposable income into the neighborhood.  

Honfleur Gallery is a contemporary art space located at 1241 Good Hope Road in Anacostia that focuses on offering high-quality visual arts exhibitions in a diversity of mediums; showcasing primarily artists who either currently live or are from the District of Columbia; and giving east of the Anacostia River artists a voice in their own neighborhood. It also showcases underrepresented groups.  The curatorial team seeks exhibitions that have relevance/resonance for the District of Columbia and East of the Anacostia River communities. In 2021 it will hold six curated exhibitions.

Vivid Gallery is located within the Anacostia Art Center at 1231 Good Hope Road, SE in Anacostia. Vivid will present exhibitions that are experimental, environmental, unseen, and unusual. Vivid programs will be the high-quality, yet off-beat visual arts programming arm for ARCH.  It will hold six exhibitions in FY2021.

Blank Space SE objective is to increase opportunities for artists to show their work with minimal curatorial gatekeeping while bringing in varied exhibitions to Anacostia Arts Center. ARCH uses the walls of its HIVE Shared Space to show this work. ARCH also its represented artists work in businesses offices in the DC metropolitan area.

Theater and Spoken Word Presentations. In FY 2021, ARCH is dividing its theater operations into two components. 

The first is a change in the way ARCH’s Theater Incubation Program will operate. ARCH will be providing grants to DC-based theater groups and spoken word artists to develop new works or new reinterpretations of existing work.   They will then perform their productions at the Anacostia Playhouse, which will become ARCH’s partner in this program.  

The Anacostia Art Center Black Box Theater will continue to provide performance and rehearsal space for small DC-area artists and groups, as well as for book signs and other cultural events. ARCH, in response to the Covid-19 crisis’s social distancing and crowd size regulations, has acquired new studio quality cameras, sound and lighting systems for the theater which can be used not only for ‘live’ streaming performances but also recording performances for future showings.

Music Programs: The Art Center music program will continue its music series, presenting not only performances by its in-house “The Hut”, which is a metaphor for a meeting place for musicians and music lovers to convene in the “village” of DC.  ARCH also will increase its music presentations to include Jazz, Zydeco, Reggae, and Blues. Performances will be streamed until regulations allow for “live audiences”. ARCH will present twice a month performances. Additionally, ARCH has added equipment which allow music groups to rehearse and /or record.

East of the River Artist Support: In 2017, ARCH launched a website, DC Artists East, a free directory open to all artists who live or have studios east of the Anacostia River. The East of the River community includes a robust arts community and the goal of the site is to increase its visibility and further connect artists to each other and larger art buyer audiences. 

In 2020, ARCH, once again in response to the Covid-19 crisis, initiated an Artist Auction Site to promote and sell work by Ward 7 and 8 Artists. This project will continue with two auctions in 2021.

Artist Housing/Workspace/Residency: ARCH will continue to operate four units of artist housing/workspace.

East of River Distinguished Artist Award: ARCH will reinstitute this annual award that recognizes a living East of the Anacostia River artist for creative excellence as well as for having significant impact on the cultural landscape of Washington, DC. The award with a $5,000 prize is presented by Honfleur Gallery with funding from a board member’s family. 

Anacostia Arts Center Announces the Winners of the Resident Theatre Incubator


JUNE 2017

(Washington DC) Anacostia Arts Center is using its 2018 season to nurture the creation of new, innovative, and experimental work, to promote six outstanding theatre organizations and individuals. The Resident Theatre Incubation Project was created to increase the number of theatre companies and individuals producing high quality theatre at the Anacostia Arts Center. With over 30 applicants the Anacostia Arts Center panel narrowed it down to six companies who will fill each category of the incubation.

The levels of incubation were designed to ensure the theatre companies and individuals have support for new work and company growth:

Full Season Residency– This agreement allows theater companies to run their full season (up to three productions) in the Black Box Theatre with no rental cost. The company will receive $2000 per production to off-set production costs and 4 weeks in the performance space.

Full Production Presentation– This agreement allows theatre companies to run one production over a four-week period in the Black Box Theatre. The company will receive $2000 for this production.

Limited Engagement Presentation– Companies and individuals may present a limited engagement production in the Black Box Theatre. This engagement may be 1-3 days in length. The company will receive $500 – $1000 for this production.

Workshop Presentation– Companies and individuals may host a workshop presentation of new work in the Black Box Theatre. The company or individual will receive $500 to develop the piece and agrees to use the Anacostia Arts Center to fully house the world premiere of any fully produced performance of the new work.

About the winners:

Convergence Theatre Company – Full Season Residency

Convergence Theatre is a home for socially conscious artists who wish to spark dialogue between diverse communities through new theatrical structures. Convergence Theatre’s mission to give voice to the voiceless is essential to identifying the barriers to communication and rhetoric that favor the dominant culture. By engaging in an interdisciplinary approach to dramatic creation, Convergence Theatre produces multi-sensory performances that invite a wide audience base, encouraging discourse and dialogue over issues of social conscience.

The two proposed full productions, A New Nation and This is All Just Temporary, ask audiences to reflect on their own inclusivity of individuals who do not fit mainstream criteria, and how language and culture are central to discovering and embracing our intersections.

Theatre Prometheus – Full Production Presentation

Theatre Prometheus is a not-for-profit company of directors, designers, actors, writers, and other theatre artists based in Washington, D.C. Producing both classic and contemporary works, the company shares a goal of exploring and promoting women-focused, diverse narratives. Theatre Prometheus believes in the power of local theater and are committed to providing opportunities to local artists, creating productions both by and for the community.

Theatre Prometheus will produce Soldier Poet, a 90-minute play written by Darcy Parker Bruce, with Arabic translations by Esam Pasha. Synopsis: “In the falling city of Aleppo, two American Army Rangers rescue an injured Syrian woman about to give birth. At a nearby hospital, a neonatal nurse with an unwavering sense of duty struggles to save the lives of infants as her hospital is bombed.” The subject matter of the play speaks to a previously underserved demographic while also striking a deep chord as it relates to current events and concerns.

FRESHH Theatre Company– Limited Engagement Presentation

FRESHH has decided to celebrate novelist Octavia Butler through a play festival, The Next of Kin Black Women’s One Act Festival. This festival pays homage to Kindred by Octavia Butler and examines the lives and stories of Black women in 2218. The company will work with 3 playwrights to interpret Kindred by using one of the characters, one of the settings and/or the theme and create a one woman, one act 10-minute play. FRESHH is intentional on working with artists aged 19 – 90. Their commitment to this goal means they are hoping to work with playwrights, directors and actors across the spectrum of age and experience; particularly to increase the inclusion of elders and emerging artists on stage and in directing and playwriting.

The Tarot Reading– Limited Engagement Presentation

By combining the archetypes of the Tarot and radical vulnerability, The Tarot Reading empowers audience and artist to create and experience encounters that enable them to fulfill their need for true connection, explore their own humanity, and marvel at the powers of variety, synchronicity, and randomness.

The Tarot Reading is anchored in the archetypes of the Tarot. The show is intimate, interactive and interdisciplinary. At the door, 21 audience members are dealt a tarot card from the deck at random. For each card, a thematic microplay of 3-5 minutes is devised by one of seven performers to be performed for and with the cardholder in a sacred space while everyone else watches from afar. The Tarot Reading is ongoing and iterative, meaning each production features seven different performers and twenty-one original micro-plays.

Anacostia Musical Theatre Lab – Workshop Presentation

The Anacostia Musical Theatre Lab highlights the vital stories and experiences of the Anacostia neighborhood, through musical theatre pieces created by nearby residents, in collaboration with local writers, composers and musicians. The Lab aims to reflect the voices of the community and provide opportunities for underserved populations to use music as a means of storytelling, healing and hope. The Anacostia Musical Theatre Lab matches residents with local writers and musicians to develop and workshop two one-act musicals/or song cycles per season. The shows will feature co-writers and performers, from the Anacostia area.

Pocket ChangeWorkshop Presentation

Pocket Change creates pockets of creative change on a shoestring budget! Their production titled Chesapeakaboo is a devised children’s theatre piece. A fish and a fisherman need the audience’s help to save the Chesapeake Bay! Pumpkinseed and Peter become unlikely friends who learn simple ways to help the Bay, taught with interactive songs and dance. Kids and parents will leave this show with a better understanding of their impact on local water systems and the environment. The show presents easy, everyday actions that can improve the health of the Bay. This portable show will feature handmade puppets, simple props, and original songs and is appropriate for ages 5-7 years.

About Anacostia Arts Center

Anacostia Arts Center is a project of the ARCH Development Corporation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating a home for small businesses, artists, arts and cultural organizations to fulfill its commitment to the revitalization and sustainable economic development of Historic Anacostia. The 9,300-square ft. arts center opened in June of 2013 and includes a café, the Black Box theatre, two boutiques, a physical therapy studio, an artist exchange and two art galleries.

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12th Annual East of the River Exhibition

Curator Contact: Terence Nicholson
email hidden; JavaScript is required | (202)631-6291
Media Contact: Kadija Bangura
email hidden; JavaScript is required | (202) 258-7591
June18, 2018
[Washington, DC] An elite consortium of creative talent, has been selected for a presentation of 3Dimensional work. The 12th Annual East of the River Exhibition exemplifies the creative talents of artists and makers of Ward 7 and 8 in Southeast DC. As a leading force in the arena of artistic culture East of the River, ARCH continues to present art, theatre, music and entrepreneurism for the community. The Honfluer Gallery has firmly positioned itself as a home for fine art and national artists, while Vivid Gallery continues to push the envelope with cutting edge exhibitions from up and coming artists. The Annual East of the River Exhibition has grown in success and notoriety since its inception in 2007.

Curator Terence Nicholson challenged Ward 7 and 8 artists to push themselves further with an expression of 3Dimensional work. Inspired by the rare medium of sculpture embraced by Ibé Crawley, Nicholson felt it was time to bring 3D art to the forefront in a group show, that would provide a platform for Southeast artists. The show highlights the work of eleven artists. Honfleur Gallery will exhibit the work of Craig Kraft, Diane English, Jay Coleman, Lisa Swanson, Luis Peralta De Valle, Lyric Prince, and Malik Lloyd. Vivid Gallery will exhibit the work of Amber Mimz, Jeri Hubbard and Ibé Crawley.

The 12th Annual East of the River Exhibition will run from June 22 through July 28, 2018 in both ARCH galleries. Honfleur Gallery is located at 1241 Good Hope Road SE and Vivid Gallery is located at 2208 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday 12-7PM and by appointment. The opening receptions will take place on June 22 from 6-9PM. A full schedule of artist talks will take place on July 14 from 12-6PM. 
About the Artist:
Craig Kraft
For almost two decades, light sculptor Craig A. Kraft has gained national recognition for his innovative neon light works. Early public artworks include the Falling Man © 1995 sited permanently at the Cell Theatre in New York City. His sculptures have been featured in over 135 exhibits throughout the US (14 solo). Recently, Kraft was commissioned to create a large scale 11′ x 21′ x 4′ scrambled neon “DC!” for the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. A member of the faculty of the Smithsonian Institution Studio Arts Programfor 23 years, Kraft received his Bachelor and Master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Kraft is represented by the Seraphin Gallery in Philadelphia. He resides in Washington, DC in the arts corridor of Historic Anacostia.
Diane English
English is a native Washingtonian and as a lover of art, she is inspired by nature and appreciates beauty in any form, be it audio or visual. English considers herself to be a visual artist creating in acrylic, oil, watercolor, alcohol, ink, wire and pastel. She aspires to create thought-provoking pieces that are both pleasant and inspiring. English recently exhibited her work at the Anacostia Arts Center.
Jay Coleman
Coleman has been a passionate arts advocate, educator and professional practitioner for nearly 20 years. He has been commissioned by presidents of two African countries, several universities and, the National Museum of African Art for his portraiture and mural work. He was commissioned to create a large bronze sculpture for Barry Farm Recreation Center’s main courtyard and is currently sculpting 15 bronze medallions for the Howard Theatre Walk of Fame. Coleman served as the 2013 official tattoo artist for the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival and he hosts lectures and workshops on the importance of tattoo safety at local museums and schools. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from the Corcoran Gallery School of Art and Design as well as a Masters of Arts Ed., HD from George Washington University.
Lisa Duluth Swanson
Swanson has been a Washington potter since the mid-80s. She finds joy in making things useful, touchable, and beautiful. Besides the functional bowls, mugs and plates, she recently explored ceramic forms as canvases for words or poetry. Her collection includes pieces that are glazed in earthy tones, or fired but unglazed stoneware. Swanson has hosted intimate home exhibitions and, collaborated over the years with potters from Eastern Market Pottery, District Clay Center and, most recently Green Line Potters.
Malik Lloyd
Lloyd’s artwork explores the African-American historical and religious experience. His overarching intent is to create work that examines the relationship between historical truths, unearthed by contemporary scholars of African descent and its detrimental and accepted falsehoods. Lloyd aims to promote awareness to these historical inaccuracies.
Luis Peralta Del Valle
Del Valle, migrated to the U.S. in 1985 from Nicaragua. As a teen, he started painting graffiti murals in the DC metropolitan area. The multi award-winning artist was selected as the winner of the 2013 East of the River Distinguished Artist Award. In 2015, he was commissioned to produce a piece for the Beijing/District of Columbia Sister Cities Project, which resulted in a panda statue painted by Del Valle, being gifted to the Mayor of Beijing as a State gift from Mayor Muriel Bowser. Del Valle has exhibited his art at various museums and institutions including The Embassy of Italy, The Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, The Historical Society of Washington, DC, and The Vatican Embassy. His painting Blessed Oscar Romero is currently on display in Rome, Italy.
Lyric Prince
Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Lyric Prince received her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from Saint Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania and has recently completed a Master’s of Science from Drexel University in Philadelphia in Science, Technology, and Society. Her current research background and interests include pattern design, handmade books, mass-media representation of the mind or body and the social justice applications of art. Her practice is project-specific, it includes digital installations, paper sculpture, and large-scale drawings/paintings completed in live settings.
Amber Mimz 
With a foundation in music, Mimz is a multi-artist. A graduate from the New School University’s Jazz and Contemporary Music program, she has design roots as the offspring of Goldsmith and Jewelry store owner: Jamel Mims. Mostly known for her music production she is producer, singer, songwriter and designer. Her signature pieces from her line 2322, include cork necklaces, dice rings, leather bangle bracelets and beads. Growing up in the city of Washington, DC from artist parents she has an appreciation for many cultures, lifestyles, and music and art. Her life experiences in DC, New York and Los Angeles have influenced her latest body of work.
Jeri Hubbard
Hubbard is a Washington-based sculptor, born in 1940 in Memphis, Tenn. She trained at Traphagen School of Fashion Design in New York City, and the Paris Institute of Art in Paris, France. As a textile assemblage artist, Hubbard uses her fashion design training and experiences with Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo, and the House of Dior to create exciting new sculptural forms using found objects and mixed media.
Ibé Crawley
Crawley is a self-taught sculptor and storyteller, born in Danville, Virginia is now a resident of Washington, DC. A retired public school educator, Crawley uses her skills to convey visual stories. She is a sculptor in the tradition of Elizabeth Catlett, focusing on the black female maternal figure and heroine, creating a body of work and narrating the African-American story at IBe’ Arts and Education in Historic Anacostia. Whether she is telling stories at the Frederick Douglass House or carving marble sculptures in her studio, she understands that it is the story of healing, wholeness, and resolution that she is sharing with her audiences.
About Honfleur and Vivid Galleries 
Established in 2007, Honfleur Gallery is a contemporary fine art exhibition space located in the heart of Anacostia’s Historic district. Vivid Gallery is an exhibition space opened in 2010, formerly located inside the Anacostia Arts Center, Vivid Gallery has relocated to 2208 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. Both galleries are projects of ARCH, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the creative economy of Historic Anacostia. Learn more at and
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Anacostia Arts Center presents: East River Jazz Brunch

(Washington, DC) As a home for arts, culture, and creative expression, the Anacostia Arts Center in partnership with East River Jazz, hosts a monthly series of afternoon jazz through September. Guests can enjoy brunch at the Arts Center Café, before listening to cutting edge jazz presented by regional jazz musicians.

East River Jazz Brunch will take place on the second Sunday of each month, beginning January 14, through September 9, 2018 at 3pm. The event is free and open to the public. Brunch can be purchased at the Arts Center Café from 11am – 3pm. Anacostia Arts Center is located at 1231 Good Hope Road SE Washington DC 20020.

The first performance of this series, will present the East River Collective, an eclectic ensemble of Baltimore-based jazz artists featuring: Craig Alston (saxophone), Theljon Allen (trumpet/flugelhorn), Todd Simon (piano), Blake Meister (bass) and Dana Hawkins (drums). A creative mix of regional jazz artists, that are sure to entertain the residents of Anacostia and community at large.

About East River Jazz:

Vernard R. Gray, East River Jazz curator/director is a native Washingtonian whose career, from the mid-60s to present day has included documentary photography and videography, art gallery curating and management, wearable art designing, oral history recording, and jazz culture curation. Gray’s Miya Gallery project founded 1976, in downtown DC, led the Black Arts movement of the 1970s through 2000s. He has presented more than 300 jazz performances in the Washington-Baltimore region since 2008.

About East River Collective:

Craig Alston is a multi-instrumentalist from Baltimore who is best known as the saxophonist for ‘Fertile Ground’. He has traveled across Europe and Asia, sharing a unique blend of jazz, soul and world music. This broad exposure has allowed him to learn and grow from the various musicians and styles encountered. Alston also performs as an independent artist, playing the saxophone, bass or keyboard. He has played with jazz legends such as Larry Willis, David Murray, Oliver Lake, John Hicks and Jimmy Heath. Alston is the director and instrumental music teacher for the Maryland Summer Center; his program focuses on teaching gifted students the fundamentals of jazz. Although Craig is a jazz musician at heart, he also plays rhythm and blues, soul, hip-hop and gospel.

Theljon Allen was inspired by the legendary Jazz musician, Clifford Brown, to become a trumpet player. He heard Brown perform Joy Spring on the radio and thought it was the “slickest ever”. Allen began playing music around the age of 4-years old, experimenting with the violin. Listening to Jazz expanded his view of music and different possible genres. He’s stated that the trumpet can be a challenging instrument to play and requires daily practice. Allen’s dedication and mental approach, have crafted his skill to its current professional level. Allen’s musical life has been most impacted by saxophonist/ flutist and composer, Gary Thomas. He draws inspiration from Doobie Powell and considers Keyon Harrold as his current favorite trumpet player.

 Todd Simon is a highly sought-after musician, composer and arranger in the Washington, DC and Baltimore area who also served 4½ years for the United States Naval Academy Band. He studied piano and organ with Tim Murphy and saxophone with Gary Thomas at the Peabody Conservatory of Music. Upon graduation in 2007, Todd rose quickly through the ranks of the Baltimore/DC jazz scene. While enlisted, he performed for former Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, and astronaut Neil Armstrong. Todd’s 2013 debut CD of all original compositions, Simon Says earned him a 2014 Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composer Award and a 2015 Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award.

Blake Meister. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Meister began playing electric bass, later honing his skills on the double bass and piano in college. A member of the first full class to matriculate to Peabody’s jazz studies department, he attracted attention as a student, receiving both the Alice and Leary Taylor and Richard Franko Goldman Awards in performance; as well as multiple development grants. He went on to earn a Master’s Degree in orchestral studies at Catholic University’s Benjamin T. Rome School of Music. Before joining the Peabody Conservatory faculty, Meister began as a faculty coordinator in the preparatory division, helping to create a more comprehensive jazz studies program. As a recipient of many awards and grants, his debut album, Septagon was named album of the year by CapitalBop and Washington City Paper. Meister is quickly garnering recognition among musicians and critics alike.

Percussionist Dana Hawkins is a graduate of Berkeley College of Music and a DC resident. During a Master Class session led by Grammy-nominated artist, Meshell Ndegeocello, Hawkins was among a select few students, who were given the unique opportunity to play songs from Ndegeocello’s Cookie album. Her guidance has followed him throughout his career. After Berkeley, Hawkins came upon a fortuitous opportunity in New York City to work with the solo bass/electronic compositions of Evan Marien. The pair worked with Grammy Award winners and nominees including: Jack DeJohnette, Stanley Clarke, Meshell Ndegeocello, Esperanza Spalding; they have also been featured in Modern Drummer (US) and in Bass Player Magazine (US, UK, Japan). In 2013, they released an album titled Collections featuring live recordings.  With their music being compared to the melodies of Squarepusher, the textures of Weather Report, and the tranquility of Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy series composer), this progressive collaboration of bold bass artistry, dynamic electronic production, and prodigious drumming, has paved a new path in electro jazz.

About Anacostia Arts Center:

Anacostia Arts Center is a project of the ARCH Development Corporation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating a home for small businesses, artists, arts and cultural organizations to fulfill its commitment to the revitalization and sustainable economic development of Historic Anacostia.  The 9,300-square ft. arts center opened in June of 2013 and includes a café, a black box theatre, two boutiques, a physical therapy studio, an artist exchange and book store.

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ARCH Announces the 2017 East of the River Distinguished Artist Award Recipient

Pac Man

Honfleur Gallery is proud to present James Terrell with the 2017 East of the River Distinguished Artist Award. Honfleur Gallery exemplifies high standards of art and culture from across the city and nation. In 2012, the East of the River Distinguished Artist Award was created, to celebrate the exemplary caliber of artists from Ward 7 and 8.

Over its six-year history, the East of the River Distinguished Artist Award celebrates the achievements and contributions of East of the River artists who, individually and collectively, have made a positive impact on the state of the arts in Washington DC. The judging panel is composed of individuals who were past recipients of the award. Representing a variety of artistic disciplines, well versed in the history of the arts and with specific knowledge of the neighborhoods. James Terrell was selected by this panel of his peers to receive this auspicious award based on the aforementioned criteria. Read the full press release here

GHOST TECH Special Event

3-piece-install-shot-1Artist Philip McGaughy has put together an evening of performances that celebrates the communities surrounding the Anacostia River as an extension of his exhibition GHOST TECH. In the Anacostia Arts Center’s Black Box Theater, folk and blues singer Oma Pearl will create a mash-up performance with Go-Go percussionists Heartbeat and Brandon Finley. Plus DJ Harry Lurker will be spinning Disco, Hip-Hop and Afro-beat. At the same time, artist collective 181 will interact with Phil McGaughy’s video screen sculptures in Honfleur Gallery. Read the full press release here.

Anacostia Arts Center Welcomes Internationally Recognized Performer Jen Shyu November 4-5

Photo by Steven Schreiber

Photo by Steven Schreiber

(Washington, DC) Anacostia Arts Center is thrilled to bring experimental vocalist-composer, multi-instrumentalist, dancer, and producer Jen Shyu to Washington, DC for a performance of Solo Rites: Seven Breaths and her intermedia improvisation workshop You Are Everything. These events are offered FREE and open to the public and made possible in through the DC Special Presenters Initiative program of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation with support from the National Endowment for the Arts and the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. Read More.


Cheap Thrills: 50+ DMV Artists, 90+ Pieces, Everything $500 Or LESS

Inside by Lyric Prince

Inside by Lyric Prince

Anacostia Arts Center and Molly Ruppert present the return of Cheap Thrills, a group show of over 50 artists from the DC Metropolitan Area that will exhibit varied works all priced at $500 or less. The exhibition will include established artists and first-time exhibitors as well as a diverse range of media including sculpture, photography, painting, installation, and collage.

Cheap Thrills will be on display at Anacostia Arts Center September 16 – October 29. The opening reception will be on September 16 from 6 – 9 pm including a DJ and light refreshments. 

Read full press release here.